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RmiJdbc 3: JDBC 3 Driver
Note: Some classes are still missing... SQLData, SQLInput and SQLOutput are not implemented.


RmiJdbc 3.3 for JDBC 3

Licensing information.

The current release. Requires JDK 1.4x to be compiled.

What you will find in the RmiJdbc distribution:

  • RmiJdbc.jar, the binary (compiled) version of RmiJdbc, in the dist/lib subdirectory of the RmiJdbc distribution.
  • The RmiJdbc documentation, in the doc/ subdirectory.
  • All RmiJdbc sources, in the src/ subdirectory.

You can also dowload a client example source code (tested with the InstantDB database).

Get into trouble? See the RmiJdbc FAQ and Release Notes.

RmiJdbc documentation

Download the documentation as part of the package (see above), or browse it.

External contributions

Package to run RmiJdbc as an NT service, contributed by Arnaud Treps in April 2002.

Previous Versions

RmiJdbc 2.5 for JDBC 2.0

That good old - quite reliable - code may still be useful !
See the RmiJdbc 2.5 home page.

Old RmiJdbc 2.0

For referral, or compatibility with old versions...
See the RmiJdbc 2.0 home page.

Old RmiJdbc for JDBC 1.0

For curious paleontologists...
See the RmiJdbc 1.0 home page.

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